Design of your signs

Ask for a representative of Donridge to assist in designing your sign.

One of the major factors, of how well signs work for your business depends in large part on how easy it is for people to drive by, walk by and see or read the sign. For maximum legibility, characters must be recognizable, conspicuous, readable and understandable.

In most cases, the sign is the greatest thing you design. Donridge will always take into account when designing signs, location, color, typography, contrast, and the material on which the sign is made. Donrige takes these factors in advance to allow for better sign design.

That is why it is important to think in orders of Scale. The bigger the shield, the easier it will be for maximum effect. It is also important to know how big the sign is and how big to know where it is. A sign can be read and understood from a distance by people who have a few seconds to look in both directions. that’s why we always do a site visit before anything!!

In a business premises, a sign identifying the office is a must. Lightbox Signs increase the legibility of the sign and give the designer an attractive interior.

Signs are often the first thing visitors notice

Signs are often the first thing visitors notice, so it is worth making sure that the signs make a good impression. Donridge design signs that catch your eye. Donridge Signs concentrate on key features such as readability, visibility, viewing distance, lettering, background color.

Donridge signs design signs with simplicity, contrast, we pay particular attention to size and scale to achieve the greatest impact. Designing on a scale can be a lot of fun.



Retail stores Signs and waiting room signs could also benefit significantly from the installation of one of our illuminated Signs.

Discreet but confident with LED lighting, a backlit poster frame is one of the most convincing promotional items.

The Design of interior & exterior signage

The design of interior and exterior signage is about much more than you might think. Most people are unaware of how many issues and factors need to be taken into account during the design process. Less is more to keep the signage visible and readable.     

If you overfill your sign with too many words or lines of text, it can be difficult to read from a distance. There is a tendency to want to fill the available space with as many copies as possible. When texts are crowded, it becomes more difficult to read them. Empty space around text and graphics is important, as are other creative considerations.     

Contrast is a big factor in creating engaging characters. Most signage texts and graphics are in the foreground against a monochrome background that creates contrast. These two design elements create a contrasting effect on the sign that catches the eye of the viewer. 

donridge signs Illuminated

Use donridgesigns to set your signs apart from the rest of the world, you can choose from a wide range of colours, lettering styles & different sizes.

Lightbox display

While advertisers and marketers today know that adding backlit signs to your brand signage can add vibrancy, a thoughtful strategy to deliver illuminated signs, including light boxes, textiles and backlit graphics, can be an important driver of your outcome. Of course, the benefits are in addition to the existing benefits of static LED signage, which provides a more visible and dynamic look, resulting in increased visibility and better read distance.

illuminated Display

If you want a brilliant display, Donridge Signs offers a backlit lighting system that creates an incredible visual impact on your business message. The Donridge Signs brand offers models that are thinner than most traditional light boxes. Each light Box varies in size to your custom.



backlit lighting system are characterized by using  high-quality materials and design. You can choose between anodized aluminum, stainless steel or a combination of both. 

Light boxes are available in different colors and sizes, such as blue, orange, red, green, yellow and blue. Energy efficiency and long service life include the use of high-quality materials, as well as maximum safety and durability.

This sign will stand out anywhere, it is  ideal for small businesses with limited space, or big business that need to display for long distances. Light boxes are often placed on the ground, either as poles or as signs in front of buildings.

It is also popular to put a light box cabinet sign directly above the building, but some cabinet signs incorporate wood, metal or masonry to give the cabinet a truly distinctive look.